January 7, 2016

7 Cost Effective Stay Home Outdoor Activities:

With this list of of 7 Cost Effective Stay Home Outdoor Activities, you can be sure that after all the Christmas and New Years festivities and back-to-school expenses, your empty wallet (and child) will thank you 😉

The sun is still shining, summer is not over yet and kids are still kids - their little bodies and minds still need stimulation.

So we've put together a fun list of Stay at Home Outdoor activities to keep your little ones occupied, in the comforts of your own home. This is sure to be fun for the whole family!

7 cost effective stay home Outdoor activities

Gardening: Time to get your hands dirty. Not only is gardening fun, but its also FREE, and educational too. Gardening is a great way to teach your child about the different flowers, insects and birds.


Kite flying: Let your child make his/her own kite and then take it to the outdoors to test.

7 cost effective stay home Outdoor activities

Play in the sprinklers: No pool? No problem. Oh what fun it is to run and jump through the sprinklers (and your grass gets watered at the same time - bonus).

7 cost effective stay home Outdoor activities

Mud pit: Show me a child that doesn't like playing in the mud? Grab a bucket of water and dunk it over a sandy patch in the garden somewhere to make a mud puddle. Give your child a bucket and spade and let him/her fill up an inflatable pool with sand and water. Add some kitchen moulds or cookie cutters for a fund day filled with mud pies (and a very happy child). Messy but oh so worth it!

7 cost effective stay home Outdoor activities

Ball pit: An old inflatable swimming pool filled with plastic balls is sure to be a hit with any toddler.

7 cost effective stay home Outdoor activities

Soccer: Kicking a ball around the garden is a great way of letting off some energy and most kids just love it when the parents join in too. So grab that soccer ball, put on an old pair of sneakers and start kicking!

7 cost effective stay home Outdoor activities

Hopscotch: Keep your little "Da Vinci" from drawing on your walls by offering them the outside paving as a canvas.

Hopscotch is great way for your kids to get in touch with their creative side. Parents and older siblings can all join in for hours of family fun.

When you're done, the chalk should wash off easily with a spray of the hose-pipe and some dishwashing liquid/soap.

So what are you waiting for? Put on your sun hat and enjoy some outdoor summer fun with your precious one's.

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