FeelGood Sleepy Sprinkles

Natural, safe and effective homeopathic remedy to relax babies and support peaceful sleep. Formulated by a Clinical Psychologist.



Babies...and parents need their sleep!

Feelgood Sleepy Sprinkles is a natural, safe and effective homeopathic remedy to relax babies and support peaceful sleep. These sprinkles are a safe and effective 100% homeopathic remedy formulated Clinical Psychologist to gently support relaxation and induce a state of drowsiness in infants. Specifically for newborns, up to twelve months of age but can be safely given to toddlers and older children alike.

Product Features:

  • Gently as well as effectively soothes and calms babies into peaceful slumber without the risk of synthetic drugs
  • Assist with sleep problems brought about by teething and colic
  • Relaxes babies and helps them more secure in their immediate surroundings
  • Helps establish a healthy as well as regular sleeping pattern
  • For babies under 12months

How do I use Sleepy Sprinkles?

Sleepy Sprinkles comes in an easy to administer form consisting of tiny granules that you sprinkle directly into the mouth where they dissolve easily to quickly help your baby drift off into peaceful slumber while restoring peace in your home.


Sprinkle a small pinch of Sleepy Sprinkles directly into your baby's mouth 5 minutes before bedtime or during the night if baby wakes up and fusses. May be repeated after 15 minutes or during the night for up to 5 doses.

Sleepy Sprinkles can support healthy sleep in conjunction with a regular sleep routine, consistent nighttime rituals as well as ensuring a loving environment.

How long until I see results?

Sleepy Sprinkles will induce relaxation and drowsiness within 5 – 10 minutes.

How long will a bottle last?

Depends on the frequency of use.  There are more than a hundred doses in each bottle, making Sleepy Sprinkles very economical.

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