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Deone testimonial

Comfy Kidz julle ROCK!!! was lekker om my pakkie gister te ontvang het. Julle diens is UITSTEKKEND. Ek maak beslis weer van julle gebruik. Sal a fototjie op sit sodra hy is die kar op is.

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Testimonial - Ashton

Teething necklace from comfy kidz decor 🙂

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Jolanda - testimonial

Thanks Comfy Kidz! Received my bottle buddy and Ella loves it.

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I want to commend you on your amazing customer service! I received the harness at 09h30 and am blown away by the fast and efficient service that I have received. Well done and thank you.



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Thank you very much, your service has been amazing!

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Well done on your speedy services, you have just gained another client, plus appreciate the joining discount too.

In appreciation.

Best regards


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Afternoon. I would just like to thank you very much for the letters for my kids, we love them sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All my friends also want it done for their kids!! Have given your email address.

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Good morning. Thank you for the Unicorn Night Light, it worked like magic last night. She slept in her own room for the first time! She only woke up once last night for her bottle.

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Brigitta- testimonial

Thanks so much for the awesome prize I won. My kids just love their new bean bag chair ♡ Such a cool product!

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Hi There – would just like to say thank you so much i just received my parcel 🙂 I was very scared ordering online and this was my first time and you exceeded my expectations!!! Thanx for the great service and my boys will love this for their room 🙂 Cant wait to show them tonight xx
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